Spend almost 2 hours in a semi submarine, Experience the underwater world of the Red Sea without getting wet! aboard the Submarine, an unforgettable underwater adventure, diving below the Red Sea to enjoy the tranquility of life beneath the waves, Enjoy the natural aquarium of the red sea, fish and coral reefs, the semi submarine is 6 meters height, 2 meters above sea level and 4 meters beneath water, the tour suites all ages specially young children.

The submarine is one of the most unique experiences that brings lots of knowledge and excitement as you’re fully submerged in the aquamarine watching the curious fish peeks trying to fnd out about you too.

Excursion itinerary 

  • Submarine Above the deck you can relax for a while till the crew tells you to get inside the submarine to start the marvel adventure, it’s two rows of seats facing out and in front of every seat there is a big glass window where you can enjoy a huge number of fishes and coral reefs. After 45 minutes to an hour guests emerge from their underwater chamber to enjoy complementary drinks and the view on the leisurely cruise.