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Submarine Excursions– Sharm EL Sheikh

Spend almost 2 hours in a semi submarine, Experience the underwater world of the Red Sea without getting wet! aboard the Submarine, an unforgettable underwater adventure, diving below the Red Sea to enjoy the tranquility of life beneath the waves, Enjoy the natural aquarium of the red sea, fish and coral reefs, the semi submarine […]

Dolphin Show in Sharm El Sheikh

Not only children can enjoy show but also adults, experience a highly trained dolphin show performance for unforgettable hour, we promise to put a smile on the face of children and adults alike. Enjoy an exciting acrobatic show by the very well-trained dolphins in the Middle East and the most friendly mammals in the world, it’s unforgettable experience […]

Colored Canyon

Let your four-wheeled vehicle take you across the desert & sand of the colored canyons, Hike among the Rocky Mountains enjoys the many colors reflected from the oxidized surfaces under the sun. Climb through the different formations of mountains with a multitude of colors reflecting in the sun. The colors in the stones are a result of oxidation […]

Water Skiing Excursion

Walk on water and experience fun with our water skiing professional team, if you’re in sharm and you want to enjoy a fun, light water activity then this is for you, the water skiing is very exciting and very easy you will be pulled behind a motorboat or a speed boat across the water, the […]

Aqua Park In Sharm EL Sheikh

We invite you to one the most exciting excursion in Sharm El Sheikh, and we promise, you will want to leave everything behind for this excursion, time to float and dare to take the leap of doom, the thoroughly enjoyable experience is loved by all ages.treat your family, friends or your loved ones with an […]

Swimming with Dolphins in Sharm El Sheikh

What could be more fun than swimming with dolphins, immerse you in an adventure of a lifetime with Dolphins, think of when was the last time you did something for the first time? Try the swimming with the happiest mammals on the earth. It is the dolphins, the man’s underwater best friend, and encounter the […]

Ras Mohamed Boat Day Trip In Sharm EL Sheikh

World’s famous coral reef, a fantastic snorkeling spot with the rich arrays of marine life protected by Egypt’s Ras Mohammed Marine National Park, attracting tourists and divers from all around the world, Plunge into the park’s waters and you have the chance to spot more than hundreds of coral and species, over a thousand kind […]

Banana Boat Ride

Time to Get Crazy! Get on a banana boat ride and experience excitement on a whole new level, but you have to be careful not to fall off!! Excursion itinerary  Banana Boat Ride the ultimate water activity to cool off and enjoying some fun in the sun, it’s a safe adventure for the entire family all you have to […]

Introduction & Scuba Diving Lessons

An introductory dive that includes snorkeling too, we mean it is the same day if you book snorkeling, the only difference is the diving part you’re doing, spend half day in the red sea enjoying thousands kind of fish and 550 kind of coral reefs through the most beautiful protected area in Africa, lunch open […]

Quad Biking in Sharm Desert

Ready for a fun desert Quest! the quad bike safari is a great excursion to experience exhilaration, excitement and the summer heat in Sinai desert, very simple to operate as it’s an automated bike that require no special skills or technical know-how, it’s for that reason a very popular excursion by all ages, the off road experience with Sharm Paradise is […]

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