World’s famous coral reef, a fantastic snorkeling spot with the rich arrays of marine life protected by Egypt’s Ras Mohammed Marine National Park, attracting tourists and divers from all around the world, Plunge into the park’s waters and you have the chance to spot more than hundreds of coral and species, over a thousand kind of fish, dozens of varieties of star fish and sea urchins, and several kinds of sea turtles. Popular diving sites include Shaab Mahmoud, Beacon Rock, Jack-fish Alley, Yolanda Reef, and Old Quay. Ras Mohamed is a Protectorate, no one is allowed to fish or practice any activity that could hurt the echo system, that’s why each year we can see an increase in the number, shapes and colors of the environment and the coral reef, the park is situated in the tourist region of the Red Sea almost 10 kilo meters from Sharm EL Sheikh.

Excursion itinerary 

  • The National Park once you’re there you will have to fill a Medical statement (we have to make sure you don’t suffer from asthma or any breathing problems to insure your safety) once done you’ll sail to Ras Muhamed park and you can enjoy Snorkeling along the way as the boat stops several times in a specific amazing spots, you will be accompanied by 4 snorkeling and diving instructors and of course to the captain of the boat. Sail for 45 minutes to get to the protected area and enjoy your 1st stop snorkeling.
  • Continue the adventure your 2nd stop in a different site then back on boat enjoying sun bathing and relaxing on board, by the end of the day we get back to the beginning of the protected area close from Sharm El Sheikh to enjoy your last stop before we land back on port.