An introductory dive that includes snorkeling too, we mean it is the same day if you book snorkeling, the only difference is the diving part you’re doing, spend half day in the red sea enjoying thousands kind of fish and 550 kind of coral reefs through the most beautiful protected area in Africa, lunch open buffet on board and free soft and hot drinks. You will have 3 stops in the red sea in the best 3 snorkeling site to snorkel and dive in Nama bay – Sharm el sheikh.

Excursion itinerary 

  • Diving Adventure  your instructor will brief you on safety techniques and some important tips on how to act under water and how to handle pressure and be safe and calm, you will enjoy one the best diving spots in the world, with the varieties of corals, reefs and marine life, get the chance to see the beauty of the underwater life, there will be time after the dive session where you can relax on deck of the ship and have a sun bath and snorkel or take pictures or just cool off and enjoy the rest of the day.
  •  Lunch will be on board an open buffet with free drinks.

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