One of the most exciting and interesting sport, speed up and let the wind be your force, the windsurfing sport is widely popular and in Sharm el sheikh it’s very easy to learn all about it in the red sea, we often asked how safe the windsurfing really is, and the answer is very simple, it’s consider a relaxing trip as it’s your choice to speed up and turn the adventure to an extreme on, or just enjoy the warm water and Experience the beauty of the red sea at a very slow but enjoyable speed!

Excursion itinerary 

  • Drive to Windsurfing Center our operators located in Naama Bay and the drive takes about 25 minutes to get to Naama bay.
  • Safety instructions our instructors will give you a safety briefing so that you get an idea of how safe, very easy and very enjoyable it really is, in Sharm El Sheikh there is no extreme wind so you don’t have to worry about ending up somewhere else if you never tried this before, and you can always choose to include one of the instructor to be with you and teach you all about the sport.
  • Windsurf the place is very well taken care of and you will always be surrounded by other surfers who are very professionals and you can learn from them all about the techniques required to either speed up or just enjoy yourself, Sharm peninsula is very well formed allowing all the water sport activity to be really enjoyable and very easy to practice.