Get a bird’s eye view, go in a wild adventure and rise high above the sea with the most experienced parasail operators in Sharm el sheikh, you don’t have to have a special skill to enjoy Parasailing, just bring your fun attitude and we will take it from there .

Excursion itinerary 

  • Drive to Parasailing our operators located in Naama Bay but we have several other centers in Sharks Bay, Nabq Bay and Sharm Old Market, upon confirmation you can choose where would you like to enjoy your adventure and define the location, however if you never been to Sharm el sheikh before we recommend Naama Bay as you get to experience a beautiful part of Sharm el sheikh city in a wonderful closed community @ Nama Bay.
  • Safety instructions our instructors will give you a safety briefing so that you get an idea of how safe and how easy it really is, it’s a passive activity so as we mention it does NOT require special skills or technical know-how to enjoy the sport, however the safety briefing is to actually get the first timers to understand the safety techniques to ease the experience and make sure they won’t be worried so that they can truly enjoy the adventure.
  • Parasailing once your boat take the group to a desired spot in the sea our instructors will help you warm up and you’ll find it interesting to see other people from your group do it before you actually do it yourself, it gives you a perspective on what you need to do and how it really feels and in the same time we think it gets you excited when you see how easy and safe the sport is.
  • Bird’s Eye View our guests comments on this activity is truly amazing we like to collect feedback from each single one of them and gather these amazing experiences so that we can share them with you, and the feeling is that you really let go of everything and get the chance to experience FUN on a whole new level.
  • Touch The Water you will be given the option to touch the water, it’s not a must as we think some of our guests prefer not to get wet, but we highly recommend you choose to touch the water, when you rise up above the sea and then back to touch water and then rise up again it somehow creates a fun adventurous experience and we believe that’s what your holiday with us is all about.