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1. We use your personal information only to provide services and support from the customer team, and it aims to measure the level of our services and improve them for you, prevent illegal activities, implement the terms of our agreement with you, in addition to overcoming obstacles, collecting fees, and providing you with promotional e-mails, as well as for documenting the information you provided us With third parties, for example, we may resort to sharing some of your personal information with banks or authorizing credit cards to process and document services with third parties for purposes related to increasing the level of security.

2. Although we are keen to maintain your confidentiality, we may need to disclose your personal information to law enforcement agencies, government agencies or third parties. It may protect against bodily harm or financial loss, or to report suspicious activity or to investigate the possibility of a violation of the terms and conditions of the user agreement.

. In the event that Sharm.com, or any of its subsidiaries or commercial assets, is sold, we may disclose your personal information to the potential buyer, in order to continue the site’s activity.

4. In addition to that, information related to the goods that you buy or sell, or the auctions that you participate in on the site, this information may include details regarding the identity of the user, feedback and notes related to your use of the site. Otherwise, we will disclose your personal information to a third party after obtaining your clear permission.

We do not sell or rent to a third party any of your personal information within the scope of our normal business, and we will only share your personal information with others in accordance with what is mentioned in this (confidentiality agreement).

6. Once you have registered on the site, you consider that you have given us a clear authorization to deliver you promotional emails about our services, in addition to e-mails regarding changes and new features on the site. So if you decide at any time that you do not want to receive such messages, you only have to choose the link to stop Send these messages to your postal address available at the bottom of any of these e-mails or go to the “My Account” section on the site.


Your use of your personal information and the information of other users

Members may need to share personal information (including financial information) with each other, in order to complete operations on the site. You must respect at all times the confidentiality of other members of the site.1

2. We do not guarantee the confidentiality of your information when you share it with other members, so you must request information about the level of confidentiality and security contracts from any other members on the site before you start and provide them with any financial or personal data or information, and you can refer to the staff of the Customer Service Center to ensure the validity of the required And its safety.

3. This confidentiality contract does not cover your disclosure of your personal information to a member of another site. You agree to use any personal information that you receive from a member on another site for the purpose of completing a process on our site, only for this process, and you will not use the information received from a member on another site for any other purposes (except for a clear authorization from the member on the other site)

You know and agree that you will not use the personal information that you received from the site about any member of another site in accordance with the laws in force in this document.

5. You know and agree that you must use the personal information that you have received from users within this agreement.

Use, access, browse, and amend your personal information

1. You can access and review your personal information through the “My Account” management page on the site. If your personal information has changed in any way, or you have given incorrect information on the site, you must update or correct it immediately, either by displaying it on “My Account” or from By contacting the customer service team.

2. Please be aware that we will keep your personal information during and after your use of the site as required by law, in order to overcome technical barriers, to prevent fraud, to assist in any legal investigation and to take any other measures stipulated by law.

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