Walk on water and experience fun with our water skiing professional team, if you’re in sharm and you want to enjoy a fun, light water activity then this is for you, the water skiing is very exciting and very easy you will be pulled behind a motorboat or a speed boat across the water, the sport is enjoyed by millions around the world!

Not expert skiers? No worries you can always learn from our team how to enjoy the adventure.

Excursion itinerary 

  • Water Skiing if you never experienced the sport before our team will consider this and the boat driver will not speed up giving the chance to get used to the water reflexes, the key behind enjoying this sport is to be able to take control of the board, lean Back and strengthen your legs, and of course not get panicked, you can learn all about the techniques required through our experienced team, Sharm peninsula is very well formed allowing all the water sport activity to be really enjoyable, safe and very easy to practice.